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Patients and Visitors

“The quality of care, hospitality and expertise have been second to none”.

Cardiology Patient, The Rowan Suite, June 2019

Day Visit

Once your appointment is confirmed with us, we will send you a letter providing you with the information about your consultation, scan or test. Please bring this letter with you on the day. You can also bring a member of your family or a friend with you to your appointment. 

Your GP will share your medical record with us prior to your appointment, however you will also be asked questions about your history and the problems you are experiencing.

Please let the consultant know if you are pregnant, if you are suffering from any allergies or if you are taking any medication (including homeopathic remedies). If you are taking any medication, it’s best to bring them with you, along with the prescription if you still have it.

The consultation with your specialist will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

If you are having a procedure or treatment the same day, you will have your own private room so you can recover in a comfortable, quiet environment. The consultant and nurses will monitor you and will decide when it’s the best time to leave.

Your consultant will tell you whether you need to come for a follow-up appointment or if you require further tests, as well as when to expect your results back.

Overnight Stay

If you are visiting The Rowan Suite for an in-patient procedure, you’ll be staying with us for one or more nights. We will let you know in advance of your visit how to prepare for surgery, what to bring and what to expect from your time with us.

Before you come to hospital, there may be certain things that you have to do like fasting; not eating or drinking for four to six hours before a general anaesthetic. We will ensure that are fully informed and ready for surgery, prior to your visit.

On arrival to The Rowan Suite, you will be met by your dedicated Patient Co-ordinator who will be responsible for making your stay as comfortable and as stress-free as possible. 

Our highly-trained team will look after you for the duration of your stay and ensure that you are well enough to go home, following your operation.

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