World Class Heart & Chest Care
at Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Terms & Conditions

Please take a minute to read our Terms and Conditions, if you find anything unclear please contact us.

  1. General
    1. Please read the terms and conditions below carefully prior to agreeing to undertake treatment as they set out the terms upon which you will be provided with treatment and replace any previous terms and conditions which you may have received.

    2. All patients are required to sign an ‘Agreement to Pay’ form before an outpatient, day case or inpatient appointment before treatment can proceed. This applies to all patients whether insured, self-paying or a third-party is responsible for the costs and will cover any unforeseen costs that may occur.

    3. All prices quoted for self-paying patients exclude Consultant fees, which are quoted and billed by them separately.

    4. No variation to the prices quoted will be made unless specifically agreed in writing by the Trust’s authorised representative.

    5. The Trust is unable to accept responsibility for any personal property lost, stolen or damaged during a hospital stay or visit and therefore advises that property brought into the hospital is done so at the owner’s risk.

    6. No clinical treatment is without risk and therefore patients should ensure that they are fully aware of the risks and potential complications arising from treatments prior to undergoing treatments. This includes the possibility of charges for treatment that is necessary in addition to the original admission/procedure.

    7. Whilst the Trust will make every effort to accommodate a privately funded patient in the private patient unit, it reserves the right when necessary for clinical reasons to accommodate a private patient in another ward in the Trust.

  2. Insured Patients
    1. The Trust is recognised by most UK insurers and charges will be recoverable under standard health insurance policies within the individual subscriber’s agreement.

    2. The medical insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company.

    3. It is the responsibility of individual patients to obtain confirmation that any benefits will be sufficient to meet the anticipated cost of the treatment

    4. If subsequent to treatment your insurance does not recognize your claim then you will be personally responsible for payment. In addition should your insurance company refuse to pay a portion of your bill you will be responsible for payment along with any surcharges for additional costs incurred by the Trust.

    5. Patients should also ensure that exclusions and waiting periods are adhered to prior to arranging for treatment to be undertaken, as defined in their policy.

    6. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure any excess on their policy is paid directly to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. Where the details of any applicable excess charge are known prior to admission, payment will need to be made before treatment commences. Where excess charges are notified to the hospital after treatment has commenced or is completed, these will be invoiced separately to the patient.

  3. Self-Pay Patients
    1. All outpatients will be required to pay hospital fees prior to the day of attending the appointment or on the day of the appointment prior to the appointment. In patient and day -case patients will be required to pay a deposit equivalent to the estimated total cost of treatment prior to admission to the ward. Any additional charges incurred above the estimated total cost of treatment must be paid prior to discharge.

    2. Patients will also be charged amounts for sundry items such as additional meals for family/visitors.

    3. If you decide not to complete your treatment plan after admission you will be charged relevant hospital fees for any services incurred in full up to the date of cancellation of treatment, at the rates specified in the private patient tariff.